Terms and conditions

Terms and Condition:

1. Candidates agree when attending any of our training courses, that they will follow all Health and safety policies.
2. During Covid 19, all candidates will be required to declare that they are free of CV19 symptoms and agree to follow all polices and procedures relating to CV19 prevention.
3. All candidates agree to conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner whilst on the course.

4. Candidates will show show respect to each other, they agree to refrain from making any racist or derogatory remarks, any candidate that use any derogatory or racist remarks will be removed from the course, no refund will be given.
5. Odin Security Services Ltd has the right to remove any candidate, that it feels has not followed our polices and procedures, no refund will be given.
6. The candidates agrees to pay for any equipment that they have damaged.
7. All course fees must be paid in full, prior to the course starting, unless alternative payment methods is agreed with Odin Security Services Ltd.
8. Cheating, Odin Security Services will not accept any form of cheating from candidates, any candidate who cheat will be removed from the course, no refund will be given
9. All candidates are required to provide evidence of their identity and proof of address, candidates must provide this on the first day of training without fail, this include passport photographs.